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What's Sousaku-Kokeshi

There are two types of kokeshi dolls produced by Japan's Rokuro technology: traditional kokeshi dolls, which are based on tradition, and creative kokeshi dolls, which are based on creativity.
 Traditional kokeshi dolls are a folk art specialty of the Tohoku region that originated in the late Edo period. On the other hand, "Sousaku Kokeshi (creative kokeshi dolls)" are created based on the artist's own ideas and unique techniques, and grew up around 1947 or 1948, after World War II, riding the current trends like a messenger of peace.
 In 1954, the Prime Minister's Prize was awarded to the best work in the Sousaku Kokeshi Competition, and in the 40 years since then, the creative activities of many artists have become more active. The unique beauty of "Sousaku Kokeshi," with their carving, burning and other techniques, is attracting attention as an art form.


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